Maloof beyond 90 - An American Woodworker
A limited edition handmade book with original photographic prints



To down load photos media photos click on the images below. The download photos are zipped approximently 4X5 @ 300 dpi. If you need additional help call: 909-941-3993 or e-mail request.

Photo credits to be used with each photo: Photo by: Gene Sasse from Maloof Beyond 90 (c) 2008

Sam working on chair
  Maloof Beyond 90 Book Cover
Sam working on the arm of a chair
  Maloof Beyond 90 Book Cover
Sam Maloof in Garden


Maloof Chair with Tools
Sam Maloof walking around the Maloof Garden
  Sam Maloof chair with tools
Maloof Hands on Rocker
  Maloof's Garden & Home
Sam Maloof’s hands resting on top of a Maloof rocker
  Maloof’s  private residence and garden
Maloof Hands with Templete

Sam Maloof Chair

Sam marking arm with template
  Sam Maloof Chair
Sam Maloof's shop with tools

Chair Parts

Sam Maloof's shop with tool cabinet
  Chair Parts
Maloof historic home

Maloof Rocker

Maloof historic home with Gallery to the right of home
  Sam Maloof rocker
Jimmy Carter in his workshop
  Gene Sasse Gene Sasse
Jimmy Carter in his workshop
  Gene Sasse photographer author photo's by Rhead Lown
  Maloof Beyond 90 book PDF
Gene Sasse Announces the Release of Maloof Beyond 90
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